About us

Real Health and Vitality is all about the art of youthfulness, regardless of your age.  With more than 20 years experience in health & wellness, my passion is helping people to take the very best care of themselves.

Have you noticed how an abundance of technology and appliances in our lives enables us to cram more into a day than any previous generation has ever been able to? The stress and strain of life is depleting us both physically and emotionally.  Aches and pains begin to affect your quality of life at a younger age, and you suddenly realise that your feeling older than you actually are.

After the birth of my children, working, running a business and trying to make all the ends meet in life!  I began to get very tired and frustrated with the endless struggles.  I was a go getter… but I was running out of go!

It’s hard to enjoy the moments in life when we are worn out, struggling with aches, pain, joint/back discomfort, inflammation, fatigue, hormone imbalance or weight gain.

Our aim at Real Health and Vitality is to make it simple for you to find great products and the support you need to help you move better, feel better, look better…..so you can live better and act your inner age!

Sue Andersson
Modere Social Marketer

Meet Sue

I don’t leave my health to chance, I do the research and add healthy food, supplements and non toxic products to my everyday life now!

Health, Wellness and Corgi’s are my passion.